Vallexa Mobile

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Increase subscribers And build loyalty with Magazine Text Marketing!


Over the past decade the publishing industry has embraced the Internet, recognizing that technological advances had provided new opportunities to enhance customer relationships. While monetizing your website and pursuing a tablet strategy are important challenges to overcome, mobile cannot be overlooked. Enter Magazine Text Marketing campaigns.

Our Magazine Text Marketing service allows magazines and other publishing businesses to launch sophisticated, fast to market mobile marketing campaigns. Already, major publishing companies are leveraging the power of text messaging to deliver mobile content to customers, as well as potential print customers.

We can help your magazine develop a sophisticated mobile marketing strategy, which will add value to your brand and build loyalty among subscribers. Popular uses of Magazine Text Marketing include daily content deliveries, voting programs, and text-to-win contests having magazines in mind.

Whether you already have a mobile marketing plan, or are just getting started, Vallexa Mobile can make sure that your magazine’s text messaging promotions are both successful and affordable.