Vallexa Mobile

A completely DONE-FOR-YOU mobile solution!


Add Value to your brand & Engage your consumers!


As today’s media landscape continues to fragment, and the use of mobile applications and smartphones continues to rise, mobile marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly important to integrate into your brand’s strategy. Our text messaging platform is an ideal solution for media organizations, allowing you to enhance your customer relationship, quickly and affordable, while offering the enhanced ability to leverage that relationship into a new revenue stream.

Key Features

  • Build a direct response database to be included in an ROI report for your client.
  • Offer instant time-sensitive discount codes for discounts off a purchase for customers who text in the keyword before a certain date.
  • Collect data on viewer demographics and trends by running polls and live voting.
  • Use message forwarding so viewers can send in their questions and feedback in real time.
  • Add our signup widget to your website and Facebook page to leverage your social & digital efforts.
  • Using our text messaging API, you can develop an application for your clients to send text messages to their subscribers from your user interface. 


Powerhouse brands like American IdolBravo! and Project Runway incorporate a variety of text messaging options into their shows and the response has been phenomenal. Whether your mobile marketing strategy includes contests, voting or periodic content deliveries, our web-based platform will add value to your brand and build loyalty among consumers.

As part of your advertising package, give your advertisers the ability to retain valuable customer information just from running an ad on your station. In response to an incentive seen on-air, viewers can text in your advertisers’ keywords to get more information or for a chance to win a special prize. There is no other method of collecting such valuable, opt-in subscriber data. Offers like this will set your station apart from your competition.


The definition of outdoor media has changed drastically over the past decade. Billboards have become digital and posters are being replaced with interactive screens. The Digital Signage industry – most successful in airports, bars, elevators, upscale residences, and mass transit – presents countless opportunities to integrate a mobile marketing component into its suite of services. Use our flexible, open API you to build text messaging campaigns allowing potential customers to respond to your outdoor media with the phone in their pocket.

Direct Mail

Direct mail companies often struggle with finding new, innovative ways to encourage target customers to respond to offers. Allow customers to directly respond to your mailers using text messaging. Give your clients tangible results by showing direct response data using Vallexa Mobile’s advanced reporting features. For example, reward your clients with a coupon or online discount code when they text in your designated keyword- easy, quick, and extremely valuable for your client!