Vallexa Mobile

A completely DONE-FOR-YOU mobile solution!

Social & Non-Profit Groups

Text Marketing for Non-profit groups Creates a Direct Line to everyone involved how they should be, Like a team!


  • Segment staff, alumni, and applicants into their own groups. Create as many groups as you need.
  • Use our API to integrate a text messaging component into your website or internal CRM system.
  • Send reminders about events, donations, volunteer opportunities, application processing, and much more.
  • Add our online widget to your website, Facebook Page, and email blasts to offer quick signups anywwhere.
  • Tweet your Keyword call-to-action to promote your text messaging program to your followers.
  • Receive questions and replies directly to your email address or cell phone using our message forwarding feature

If you’re responsible for facilitating communications among the members of a non-profit or community based organization you already know that getting the message out to everyone is more difficult than it should be. Direct mail is slow and email often gets lost trapped by SPAM filters. Group text messaging for community-based organizations is the solution to your communications woes.

Whether you represent a civic group, a campus organization, a non-profit, or any other sort of social group, Vallexa Mobile can help you build an affordable, efficient text messaging program.

Vallexa Mobile powerful, easy to us, text messaging software allows you to build community cohesiveness and alert members to news, events, and other information. Unlike direct mail, our text messaging software is two-way, allowing members to get back to you instantly.

For a non-profit or a campus / community civic group on a tight budget, Vallexa Mobile affordable pricing structure allows you to coordinate your communications efforts efficiently. Text Marketing for Non-profit groups is the way of the future!