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Retail & Small Business

Email? Takes days to open if at all! All Texts are read within 15 minutes!


Retail Text Marketing, As consumers become more and more informed, it’s imperative that you reach out to them in the way they communicate. Mobile Marketing in the form of (SMS) text messaging is one of the most effective new tools at your disposal.

So, what is mobile marketing for retail? A technologically advanced marketing campaign that puts your message in your customers’ hands (literally). Iimagine you’d like to hold a sale, but only for customers who have shown loyalty to your brand. In the past you’d send out a mailer, or perhaps an email. Retail promotions like these are arduous and time-consuming to effectively implement. With a Club Texting-powered mobile marketing campaign you can reach hundreds (or even thousands) of those customers in seconds. With our web-based software you can also conduct Mobile Couponing campaigns, a popular and quickly growing solution that is portable, individually targeted, and best of all, paperless.

Key Features:

  • Post in-store displays advertising instant 15% off coupons for customers who text your keyword to 71441, showing their confirmation message to the cashier to redeem.
  • Save time and let clients text in their appointment requests and questions.  These messages can be forwarded directly to your email or mobile phone. 
  • Run a contest where customers who text your keyword to 71441 are automatically entered to win a big-ticket item each season.
  • On a rainy day, send mobile coupons for 20% off of all services
  • Theaters can run an ad before the show instructing people to text in your keyword to join a mobile insiders club
  • Use our text messaging API to integrate a mobile alert system directly into your in-house application, which will allow you to send alerts to individual members regarding rain delays, cancellations, and reminders.

Listen To What Our Clients Have To Say:

  • “Affordable rates and versatile service. We use Club Texting to try and generate extra sales on slow days. If halfway through the day we are behind in our sales we will send a text out with a one day only sale which will generate revenue.”Oasis Tans, Inc.


  • “I found your customer service extremely helpful. For an old novice like me, your folks took me step by step through the process and helped get our texting contest up and running. It was a great success thanks to your folks..”Dennis Wheeler, Sababu Conscious Clothing